Resident #5: Didi Lehnhausen – Angels are aliens too

Painting installation by Tempel resident Didi Lehnhausen.
[also Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th of November 12:00 – 17:00]


11 November

Start time




Angels are aliens too is a new installation by Didi Lehnhausen (1993) in which she investigates the life of a painting in relation to time, reality and her own body. Through rituals of bathing, washing, scrubbing and stroking, she treats the surface as a living membrane in which these actions remain visible. Seven paintings will be accompanied by a series of twenty-two drawings and a soundscape in which the musician Imari responds with her voice to the pieces. The installation will be presented on the stage of Tempel, an upcoming place for contemporary artistic experiment in Amsterdam. 

The installation opens on November 11th at 17:00 and is on view until the 13th.

Didi Lehnhausen (1993), visual artist based in Amsterdam. In her practice Lehnhausen finds herself in between realities and visually balances between figuration and abstraction. Her work “Letter to Karel” is currently being presented in an exhibition at The Grand Hotel, since writing this letter to Karel Appel, Lehnhausen has been painting every day. Angels are aliens too is the first public presentation after an intensive residency in Tempel-Amsterdam.