Fluisterconcert #5

Dit is het laatste concert in de reeks Fluisterconcerten.


3 November

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Every night we invite three artists, from three different genres to make music together on our beautiful stage. They will have a (whispering) dialogue with each other and with the acoustics of the space. They will take turns, stand on three stages, react to each other and sometimes play together. It will be a unique concert where the artists will play the ‘whisper’-version of their material. We are super excited to hear, see and experience what will happen on those Fridays!

It is difficult to master the technique of playing soft and quiet. So this concept is a challenge for musicians, but at the same time very exciting to watch and listen to. With these concerts we like to introduce the unique acoustics of our stage to the musicians and our audience.

doors open 20.00 uur
concert 20.30 – 22.00 uur

This night we will listen to:

Chaerin Im
Vica Pacheco
Giuseppe Doronzo

The concert series Fluisterconcerten is supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts).


Meer over de artiesten

Chaerin Im is a South Korean pianist and improviser based in Amsterdam and Seoul.

She has recorded and performed with Jasper Høiby, Anton Eger, Reinier Baas, Ernst Reijseger, and Sun-Mi Hong to name a few. She can be found at different jazz festivals and venues with various live contemporary music throughout the whole of Europe.

She released an experimental improvisation album “The Back Of Beyond” in 2022 as a co-leader with producer Song youngnam under a South Korean record store/label, Sounds Good Store.

︎Chaerin’s fascination for music started naturally from her earliest memories, influenced by her dad who is a big rock/metal music fan.  In 2012, Chaerin was accepted to study at Sunhwa Art Middle School and began to learn the classical piano in earnest. While spending countless hours learning diverse music styles, she discovered her love of jazz and rock music and started to feel the desire to make her own music. The year after graduating from middle school, she got accepted and started studying at the Seoul Institute of Arts to focus on contemporary jazz music. She continued her jazz piano major and collected a bachelor’s degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and currently finishing her master’s degree in Amsterdam as well. She is participating in many different projects not only as a pianist but as an arranger and composer, she has performed at important festivals and venues all around Europe such as North Sea Jazz Festival, Jazz Ahead, BIMHUIS, Unterfahrt, Cologne Jazz Week, Moods, Oslo Jazz Festival and many more.

Vica Pacheco was born in Oaxaca, southern Mexico in 1993, she lives and works in Brussels. She studied Art at La Esmeralda in México City before graduating from Villa Arson in France in 2017. Her practice is rooted in experimental music and composition, but she also has a plastic practice going through ceramics and 3d animation. Her work is above all eclectic and energetic, inspired by mythological crossbreeding, prehispanic technologies and interactions between human and non-human, she likes to arrange the most heterogeneous or hazardous elements between them, to produce sound performances and installations.

Giuseppe Doronzo is an Italian saxophonist, composer, improviser and educator. As lover of unexplored space, border crossing sounds, he focuses his research on the baritone saxophone, where he expands a vocabulary that goes through his background in contemporary classical music, jazz improvisation and makam music. He collaborates with choreographers and film makers, and has received the BUMA Award for the music written for the short film GOYA. He has been giving music workshops in several spaces and institutions, including the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Prins Claus Conservatorium (The Netherlands), New York University (US), Marmara University of Arts (Turkey). He produces music on his own record label, Tora Records.