2022 recap – concerts & performances

During 2022 we have welcomed amazing musicians, singers and performers to our stage. This is an overview to remember and to thank everyone who has contributed to our varied and inspiring program!

A shout-out to all the performers who have been transforming our Tempel stage into so many different worlds, even universes. The stage has been a refuge, a club, a floating UFO, a place of silence and a place of terror, a place for rituals and a place for experiment.

Thanks to ROOSPEEE (photo 1), Splitter Splatter (photo 2), LEYA (photo 3) , Ellister van der Molen & RED (photo 4), Rory Pilgrim (photo 5), Kate NV (photo 6).

@roospeee, @splitter_splatter, @crying2leya, @ellistervandermolen, @rorypilgrim, @katenvy

Thanks to the SNDO students: Devika Chotoe (photo 1), Sofia Castro (photo 2), Parisa Madani (photo 3), Paca Faraus (photo 4). photocredits Pablo Alanes

@devikachotoe, @soficcaa,@pariyestan_ & @paca_faraus

Thanks to the RE:master Opera students of the Sandberg Instituut (photo 5) en studenten HKU muziektechnologie (photo 6). Thanks to the Paper Ensemble (photo 7), Marlieke Burghouts (photo 8) and Xenia Perek (photo 9).

@sandberginstituut, @hku.muziekentechnologie, @the.paperensemble, @marliekeburghouts @ksenia.perek