centre OFF gravity, try-out nr. 1

Audio-somatic observations on the sense of balance

Open rehearsal and research presentation of an interactive sound installation-in-progress by Ildikó Horváth, with short performances by Melody Nolan.


10 maart





Sound installation is open from 19:00-22:00, performance starts at 20:00.
Free admission, no reservation needed.

To maintain balance in body movement and spatial orientation, humans use a complex multi-sensory apparatus of the vestibular, somatosensory and visual systems. Inspired by this mechanism and extending it to the sonic realm, the project studies the relationship between sound, body and movement based on the physics of kinetic ceramic objects.

The audience is invited to peek into this exploration by experiencing the sound installation and Melody Nolan’s interactions with the ceramic objects and the created soundscape. The work is currently in the development phase.

Ildikó Horváth (1986) is an Amsterdam based artist. In her experimental installations, she examines the fluid relationship between physical and virtual space, with an emphasis on the awareness of physical matter and its transformations. Regarding the choice of media, Ildikó works with the conflicting duality of stability and temporality. Besides ceramics, she uses materials that constantly change over time, often in combination with sound and digital media.

Melody Nolan (1998) is a circus maker hailing from California. As a keen explorer of her physicality and surroundings, Melody draws inspiration from a physical approach to artistic research, balancing technique with creativity. Following her graduation from Codarts Rotterdam in 2021, she was awarded the BNG Bank Circusprijs for her solo work “Haven”. Melody’s work melds handstands with acrobatic movement as she seeks to nourish a rich dialogue between body, space, and expression.

Concept and production: Ildikó Horváth
Performing artist: Melody Nolan
Project advisors and sound engineering: Michele Abolaffio, Mark IJzerman

With the generous support of Creative Industries Fund NL and Mondriaan Fund