PARADISE: SNDO Graduation Works 2024 vrijdag 29 maart

ACT III The Dreaming Temple
with works by Agnė Auželytė & Saman Mahdavi

Doors open 18.30


29 maart




€6,- / 3,- / 1,-

The gates to paradise will open this spring and summer in Amsterdam. It is our pleasure to invite you to the spring edition of SNDO Graduation performances in Frascati and Tempel Amsterdam, unfolding in three acts. In Act III of the Paradise festival artists Agnė Auželytė & Saman Mahdavi are coming to the Temple. They look at Temple as a metaphor to the temple of the soul, where we go to pray, where we go to grief and to imagine a healing world, where all dreams are possible. They use the magic of performance as a portal to the landscapes of imagination. By engaging with the poetics of light and reflection, embodied soundscapes and non-linear dramaturgies, they share a time for dreams and nightmares – in which they reach for deep underground spaces and other-than-human entities. They will invite audiences to wander through landscape like choreographies that reckon with care in times of ongoing genocide, war and catastrophes in the world. Like a never ending mirage, in which they hold each other while they hold hope for liberation of humanity and earth from the systems of exploitation and oppression. Coming from the regions of the middle east and eastern europe, they are busy with questions of solidarity and resistance inside their entanglements as well as the decentralisation of western narratives and the multitude of ways these conversations can take place in our bodies and societies.

Act III The Dreaming Temple is a double bill of two works:
“Lili um”, a long song by Agnė Auželytė, 50’
“My therapist is a volcano” by Saman Mahdavi, 50’
This year’s SNDO graduates are Agnė Auželytė, Barros, Ciro Goudsmit, La Uyi
Ihasee, Sasu Korom, Yujing Liu and Saman Mahdavi