Sound experiments: mainly electronic

Tempel Amsterdam hosts an afternoon of experimental electronic music. (tickets at the door)


17 september




The work of Chris Meighan, Daniel van Loenen, and Marija Jociute alias Hylut is featured in the 17/09 edition.

Chris Meighan designs, builds and plays electronic musical instruments. His improvised performances are eclectic, experimental, idiosyncratic, danceable and always unique.

Daniel van Loenen is a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He composes for modern dance, theater and film in a wide variety of styles.

A universe made of rhythms, puzzled to find the right body reactions to it.
Hylut evokes a memory that fluctuates between a forgotten past and some troublesome future.
When her voice arises though, time takes a leap and lands on a cloud of smoke in early morning.
After distortion there comes spring. Or Sirens. With alluring pain. Tempting.


Every man has two hands
One hand carries the experience
Other hand carries the goals and something that was never touched before
Every hand has five fingers

We don’t have to hold hands, but we may hold space and time together.


Tempel Amsterdam was originally built as a temple for the Theosophical Society in 1927. After barely ten years, the building’s function began to shift often. It has been used as a synagogue, cinema, mosque, public library, and currently it functions as a broedplaats (studios for creatives) and stage for experiments.

Justina Nekrašaitė is an artist facilitator, culture engineer, organiser, freelance curator and the book photographer. Her previous projects include Eighteen29, Wildlife and Building as Opera.