Introducing resident #2: Jessica Tucker (aka Fetter)

“Expect otherworldly sounds drawn from the sleeptime travels/sleepy time-travels of my space mermaid avatar, and a guided journey through exercises in observation.

Jessica Tucker (aka Fetter) is a media artist and electronic musician working in Amsterdam and Chicago. Inspired by histories of technology as well as diverse spiritual and scientific definitions of consciousness, Tucker’s work playfully examines how interactions between bodies, words, and technologies reshape selfhood. Through electronic music, video, and sculpture, she emphasises physically performative use of technologies to remap media debris across virtual and touchable materials. Like guided rituals, her performances and installations are immersive experiences that unearth other dimensions of self.

All the Things Ever Said is a music/performance/video work-in-progress by artist and musician Jessica Tucker, aka Fetter. Expanding this project during her June residency at Tempel, on the 26th she will host a live-performed audiovisual experience on the Tempel stage. Offered as a kind of guided journey, visitors will be taken through a series of simple exercises in observation. Looking inward and outward, we’ll settle somewhere in between, in touch with both the silence and all the things ever said in the universe.