Creative space and stage
for experiment

Tempel is a place for culture, creativity, gathering and experiment, in the heart of Amsterdam. The building consists of studios, a stage and multipurpose rental spaces.

Stadsarchief Gemeente Amsterdam, November 7th 1931.


For over a century, Tempel has been dedicated to reflection and community. Now it provides a space for creatives to develop their practice. Initially, Tempel served as a theosophical temple, and later as a synagogue and a mosque. Although it no longer serves a religious function, the monumental building remains filled to the brim with creative energy, bringing people and ideas together.

In Tempel, however, remained one theosophical principle: there is no room for dogma. Tempel is a hotbed of creativity where personal development is key. Our studios are the beating heart of Tempel, and are home to all forms of art and artists. The artist work behind glass on full view, so that their process and development can be shared with everyone. In this way the artists inspire each other and our visitors.

‘Develop, disseminate, experience, although it doesn't always have to be in that order'

In the midst of this creative environment Tempel offers space for (business) meetings and special presentations. The large podium provides a stage for dance, theater and experimentation. With a diverse programming Tempel wants to be a reflection of Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome to experience various art forms, to join the conversation.

Who are we

Gerben Mienis


Gerben Mienis is the initiator and director of Tempel. As an architect and cultural entrepreneur he develops initiatives that contribute to the development of the city.

Jeske de Blauw

Coordination & programming

Jeske de Blauw is responsible for the coordination and part of the program of Tempel. She is a composer of electronic music for theater and dance performances.

Sven Hamerpagt

Artistic leader

Sven Hamerpagt is artistic programmer of Tempel. He is a performing artist, sounddesigner and producer.

Rosa Ronsdorf

Artistic programmer

Rosa Ronsdorf is responsible for part of the artistic program of Tempels stage. Furthermore she works as a musician and soundartist.

Dominique Loof

Floor manager

Dominique answers incoming mails, arranges viewings and is point of contact for (business) meetings. She is also Virtual Assistant, working with various entrepreneurs and coaches