Kundalini Ceremony – Welcoming Spring

Live music & mantra, Kundalini Yoga & energy transmission


6 april



Spring is the season of awakening and all over the globe this time of the year was welcomed as a rebirth after the cold and the dark of winter. Winter is considered Yin and linked to the Divine Feminine, a time to go within, to rest and regenerate in the dark womb of Mother Earth. Spring is a time of fertility, growth and coming back into movement, slowly but surely we transition from Yin to Yang, from being to doing, the quality of the Divine Masculine.

For true awakening, to feel fully alive, yin & yang, the feminine and masculine polarities need to be in balance. Within the yoga tradition these polarities are called Ida & Pingala, once they are in complete balance the Kundalini, the energy of our full potential, awakens. In order for that to happen we need to embrace all sides of ourselves and embody both polarities. There is no better place to do that than in the temple of your soul, your physical body.

Your body is your temple and in this Kundalini Yoga ceremony you will be taken on a journey through the physical body to balance the Divine Feminine and Masculine and embody these qualities fully. This foundational work then opens the space for a powerful multidimensional energy transmission that will activate your Kundalini to flow. Grounded and in your body you will experience your infinite Self and allow your full potential to blossom this Spring!

On Saturday the 6th of April you are most welcome to join us for this unique experience. We gather in an otherworldly sanctuary right in the middle of Amsterdam, a modern day temple based upon the ancient wisdom of Sacred Geometry. There are limited places available so we advise you to book your tickets on time to avoid disappointment.

Date: Saturday 6th of April

Time: 14.00 – 17.30 hrs

Location: Tempel Amsterdam, Tolstraat 160