The Yolka Project

Solstice Echoes is an invitation from The YOLKA Project to immerse yourselves in an evening of creativity, culture, and celebration as we honor the profound significance of the summer solstice

Doors open 20.00


20 juni




€12,- ex serv

Solstice Echoes is a multifaceted event aimed at honoring and preparing ourselves for the longest day of the year 🌅 On June 20th we will take a journey through explorative and thought provoking cultural experiences, including:


🎭 Theater Play “One Of Our Kin” – Are the notorious seven sins actually that deadly? Is freedom deadly? Is freedom even a sin? Can we have it without committing any of the aforementioned seven? The floor is open for interpretations.

Written and directed by Maciej Zarzycki.

Performed and developed by Tara Tomšič, Vaniah, Andrzej Drzewieniecki, Maciej Zarzycki.


🐉 Ritual art performance by Guoda Keršytė exploring the otherworldly Lithuanian pagan culture and how the sun can move and alter one’s perspectives of nature and feminine beauty.


🌀 Electronic music performance by Hedda Gamma that transverses the realms of post-minimalism, ambient, IDM and experimental music. Compositions involving the interplay of vocal expression, electroacoustic elements, vibrant textures and a diverse collection of field recordings gathered from various corners of the globe.


🎨 Art exhibition by Daamen blending expressionism, abstract realism, and contemporary figurative art, inviting the viewers to engage deeply with themes of intimacy, vulnerability, and introspection, offering a powerful visual exploration of the human condition.