Introducing residents #3: Juliana Zepka & Thibault Mechler

In a globalized and digital world saturated with images and information, how can we learn different ways to approach knowledge and to physically reconnect with our environment? Through a visual and sonic research on embodiment and the effects of storytelling on inherited memory, « The Overview Effect » works as a time capsule to observe our relation to technological progress from above.

Juliana Zepka is a visual artist working with archives and parafictional processes. Thibault Mechler is a musician, sound researcher and jurist working with postdigital material. Together, they collaborate as a duo since 2022 to create visual and sonic installations focused on unfolding intimate and collective narratives: how to use inherited memories, culture and emotions as microgeographical territories to explain and reflect on information, sound and space? While keeping an eye open on historical, legal and geo-political matters, the duo is developing an experimental and polysensory practice. Through a process of collecting and recycling materials, textures and layers of data, their approach aims to create a dialogue between sonic and archival landscapes to reestablish collective channels of understanding and open shared spaces of reflection.

The soundtrack of the project is composed, performed and recorded on the pipe organ of Notre-Dame de Guebwiller (France)